Delighted that I found my pen purchase from the cottage which I thought was long misplaced. (Think one of the kids chucked it into a shopping bag and we just discovered it this week). While at the cottage, we were at the local Saturday market and an elderly couple had a table of pens for sale. It turned out that the gentleman made all the pens by himself in his workshop. As I talked to him some more, I learned that he had suffered a stroke before and was very down following his illness. His son encouraged him to get his tools out and learn how to make pens; even going as far as researching the whole process for him and getting him set up. The man found that as he began creating and putting these things together, he felt better and his spirits were lifted. He had lots of stories about people giving him different kinds of wood to use. Keep making, Pete’s Pens!


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Summer days


I don’t have much to write lately, but here’s a photo from our last day in cottage country. A trip to the fry shack before heading home. Happy summer!

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A new month…

I had an intense 5 weeks with MATS–it completely tired me out. I don’t think I’ve ever drawn so much as I did in those 5 weeks! Since then, I’ve been completely slacking in April; still getting over a cold that just won’t go away, and working away at the paying job. Trying to get back on track with this illustration stuff this month… New assignments to focus for bootcamp and more. Focus, focus!


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