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I’m taking a blogging course, but I haven’t been blogging for ALL of last week! : (  I think I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the information. Need to just start with one thing instead of trying to think of everything at once. Here’s my homework which is to do a moodboard showing inspiration for your blog.

Now that I see it in this blog design, it is very similar to what I have currently. I like the look and feel of my blog but I’d like to scale it back a bit so that it has more white space, and less noise. (Hence why I didn’t fill this up with too much). I really want my design to be “breatheable” but it’s important for me to still retain a scrappy, “cut and paste” look as I want the blog to be about the creative process and not just finished work. As you’ll notice I love polka dots! (Note to self: Use some of the cute polka dot washi tape that I have stowed away). I also want to have more consistency in my blog design so I need to start applying more strict rules for font, colour and design element usage, but still give myself freedom to experiment and try new things.

Ok this might be a lot of design babble. A big thing that I’ve loved so far about my blogging course is that Holly (our fearless BYW bootcamp leader and instructor of Decor8 fame), and Jeanette Lunde (another super nice co-instructor who runs By Fryd) both speak a lot about being honest with ourselves, having integrity and really listening to one’s heart on which direction to go. Love it! I mean, my blog is called Project Heart, right?


  1. Gosh, REALLY love your site, you are SO lucky to already have those Graphic/Design/Illustration skills to make it come to life – one of my next areas of investigation potentially is a more illustration aesthetic (I trained for 10 years in Fine Art..) so this is very much on my radar. I’ve done some posts on my smallish collection of children’s books with illustrators like Henrik Drescher, Sara Fanelli and similar, I really LOVE that collage/grown up feel. SUPER excited to be finally learning Illustrator and Photoshop also and taking a real life drawing class by an artist I love in the next few weeks (even though I am convinced I will be paralysed….). I DO know what you mean about the overwhelm with the BYW course but there is SO much information and resource there that I am SO glad I took it, has opened up a whole new world. I really love your banner and mood board too, can totally see where you are coming from with it all. Do GREAT things, XXX Blessings, kitty baroque XX

  2. I love your moodboard (yay polka dots!) and I’m excited to see what new things you bring to your blog.

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